What is Mediation?

More and more people are unhappy with the time and expense it can take to resolve disputes, as well as the loss of control over the process and the outcome when the final decision is made by a third party.

Mediation is a focused and time limited intervention, where people in dispute have the support of an independent person to reach their own resolution.  It is also a flexible process that can be adapted to take into account aspects of tikanga.

We would be happy to talk to you on a no-obligation basis to discuss whether mediation might be suitable for your dispute and how the process would work.

How do Smail Legal see our roles as mediators?

We help people in dispute to talk and listen to each other with a view to finding a resolution that they can live with.

We are not here to make a decision, that right remains with you.

We see mediation as an intervention.  For often as little as only one day, we take you through a structured mediation process.

We can help you identify what actually needs to be resolved.  The reality is that you probably won’t agree on everything.  But there may be enough common ground for you to create something practical that you can all live with and move on.

You have the mana.  We trust you already know  your own issues, trust us with the process.